Friday, 18 May 2018

The Lion Kids Comic Bible

Having taken two years, the artwork is finally done on what has been both a challenging and interesting project. The Lion Kids Comic Bible is the brainchild of Ed Chatelier (The Edge Group). When Ed first spoke to me regarding the project, he explained clearly of how it was to be a new children's annual, where all the strips would be based upon well known biblical characters and stories. Without a doubt, it certainly proved to be a real challenge, injecting lots of fun and humour into the pages for young and older readers. My task was to write the scripts, plus produce detailed pencils, first class finished inks were done by Bambos Georgiou, whilst the amazing colour work on all 112 pages were done by artists, Jeff Anderson and Jesus Barony. It was wonderful to see the book top the list on the Lion Hudson Spring Book Fairs Brochure 2018.

Cover inks: Bambos Georgiou

Cover pencils: Mychailo 'Mike' Kazybrid

Monday, 1 January 2018

Plastic Grannies

If you've dared to look in on those Senior Sisters of Sizzle at, Busty Meadows Retirement Village, well good for you, however, if you've still to do so, I'm forced to double dare you. Whilst Doris, Edith and Ethel May are well within the age range of 95, they still enjoy producing their own whisky, bikers and motorbikes, and growing interesting plants. Also, beware any young men below the age of 75. So be brave and start the year by checking out their own facebook page. You can't say I didn't warn you!